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Oct 14 2021

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How To Jazz Up Your Dining Room Table Rental

This article is brought to you by CORT Furniture Rental. We take the hassle out of furnishing your new place so you can do more important things like read this article. Learn more about why furniture rental is the best way to get a great looking apartment.

As a college student living in an apartment or house, it is normal to rent furniture from companies rather than buying. These pieces of furniture include dining room tables: a place to get friends together for a meal, catch up with roommates, and maybe even have a study group.

However, your rental dining room table may not always mix well with your home decor, so you have to jazz it up a bit.

There are several easy ways to personalize and dress up your rented dining room table: adding centerpieces, tablecloths and table runners.


Adding centerpieces to tables can give them a unique and fancy look.

This classy dining room table and chairs has two large bouquets of simple white flowers, which gives the table a more ‘homey’ look. You can use simple flowers for a centerpiece on any dining room table to coordinate the style of the rest of your home with your rental table. You can also use different colored flowers, such as light pink, purple or blue.

Candles are great decor for dining room tables because they serve two purposes: decoration and romantic lighting. Adding several candles as centerpieces on a dining room table will make it look fancier than a bare table. These candles are super easy to find in almost any store as well, from Target to Kohls.

If you really want to class up your home and dining room, these gorgeous vases are the perfect addition! You can choose any long stemmed flowers that you like, but white flowers look best and match well with almost everything. These glass vases also pair well with glass tables but will fancy up a black wooden dining room table as well.

If you rent a white table for your home’s dining room, you may want to purchase a centerpiece that adds a pop of color to the table and the room. In the picture above, the light blue vase and flowers gives a nice touch of color, as well as coordinating with the chairs. You can create this look with your dining room set with a variety of colors, or even switch off colors and designs for different seasons and holidays.

Sometimes it is difficult to match centerpieces with unique wooden dining room tables, such as the one above. However, you can give your table and dining area a country look, with different pieces, like the simple, white lanterns or even decorative birdcages. You can also place a simple glass vase with artificial or live flowers.


Covering your rental dining room table with a tablecloth is also a great way to ‘jazz’ it up. Tablecloths add design and color to those sometimes dull and plain tables. They also are super easy to change from season to season, or even from week to week. Tablecloths do a great job of protecting your table from stains and watermarks as well, to ensure your rental is not damaged.

A simple white tablecloth with a colorful design, such as the floral one above, is great for making your dining room table stand out. This particular tablecloth is perfect for spring or summertime in your home; in the picture, they added pink flowers to match, which looks nice as well.

A light solid color tablecloth can be a subtle way to add a little something to your dull dining room table also. This is great for the people who want to maybe add a loud centerpiece and do not want to offset it with a busy tablecloth. You can also just go the simple route, like in the picture above, with a solid tablecloth and a simple, but brightly colored, floral centerpiece.

There are so many different types of tablecloths, including netted ones, like in the photo above. This is very unique, but also fairly simple in color and design. These types of tablecloths can make your rental dining room table stand out without going overboard.

Table Runners:

Some people do not care to cover up their whole dining room table with a tablecloth, so the perfect substitute is a table runner, similar to a tablecloth. Table runners can look more classy than tablecloths or bare tables and also allow visibility of the majority of the dining room table.

This table runner in the photo above complements the black wooden table extremely well by being an opposite color. The design also gives the table a fancier look as well. If you have a white table, try adding a dark colored table runner to show off the contrast of colors. A centerpiece also looks good placed on the table runner.

You can purchase shorter table runners to get a simple look for your rental dining room table. Light colored ones, like in the picture above, especially look nice on wooden tables. This is a great look for spring and summer, and you can use darker colors such as burgundy and navy in the winter months. The quilted design gives the table a homey look, which many college students want to create with their ‘home away from home.’

A simple white table runner with darker colored stripes is a classic look for your dining room table. Like in the photo above, this style of runner pairs well with black tables. This is also a great look for men’s homes.

You can find centerpieces, tablecloths and table runners for discounted prices at stores such as T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods or Marshalls.

Looking for an easy way to furnish your off-campus apartment? Renting furniture from CORT saves you time and money. See how easy it is to get great looking furniture without breaking the bank.

Table rental

Table rental

Table rental Current breaking news Table rental

Table rental

This article is brought to you by CORT Furniture Rental

Table rental

Table rental Table rental Table rental

Table rental Table rental

Table rental-Table rental Table rental-Table rental Table rental-Table rental

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